Work Experience

John K. Enterprises (formerly Spumco) July 2012 to present
Storyboard, layout artist and preproduction artist George Liquor Cartoon

Freelance illustration and tutoring art students May – July 2012

Wild Brain Animation January – May 2012
Storyboards for Umigo Educational cartoons

Viborg College of Animation, Denmark
Teacher of cartooning August – October 2011

Simpsons title sequence June – July 2011
Layouts, with John K. Enterprises

Toonzone February – May 2011
Story boards for YooHoo and Friends

6 Point Harness, Hollywood December 2010 – January 2011
Layout and animation on Electric City web cartoon

Freelance storyboard and illustration Feb. 2010 – Nov 2010

Warner Bros Animation December 2009 – January 2010
Storyboard for Scooby-Doo direct to video features.

Cosmic Giant Animation September 2009 – November 2009
Storyboard and Background design for WWA (World Wrestling Association).

Warner Bros Animation March 2009 – August 2009
Storyboard and development art for Laff Riot Looney Toons

John K. Enterprises (formerly Spumco) April 2008 to 2009
Storyboard and preproduction artist Half-Dan movie
Storyboard and layout artist on The George Liquor Show

Jim Smith Cartoons February 2008 March 2008
Freelance illustration

Nickelodeon February 2008
Layout artist on The Mighty Bee

Jim Smith Cartoons December 2006 - January 2008
Freelance illustrations for private clients
Chestaclese comic book

Dreamworks Animation May 2006, November 2006
Storyboard artist on Monster vs. Aliens (Creature Feature)

Nickelodeon September 2004, March 2006
Storyboard artist on The Xs

Spumco Animation September 2002, June 2004
Storyboard artist on Ren and Stimpy - Lost Episodes
Designer on video games for Sony
Presentation artist and writer on Chestaclese

Cartoon Network September 2000, September 2002
Storyboard and Background artist on Samurai Jack

Spumco Animation June 1999, March 2000
Storyboard and Background Artist on The Ripping Friends

Film Roman March 1999, June 1999
Layout Artist on The Oblongs

Spumco Animation May 1990, March 1999
Art Director on Ren & Stimpy, Artist on Comic Book, Presentation Artist, Writer various projects

Warner Brothers Animation February 1989, April 1990
Layout and storyboard artist on Tiny Toons


paul said...

Hey, Jim Smith, how are you?
And what was the Half-Dan movie about?

Jim Smith said...

Hey Paul, sorry to get back so late. Half-Dan was a proposal for an animated feature about Vikings. The Dreamworks viking movie came out as we were doing the proposal, so... the client decided to do the Time Turkeys instead.

Unknown said...

Hey Jim Smith I was Told by your Freinds at 1on1 Animation School ( )that you are Doing some OnLine Tutorials.

I would Like to Know where would I find them?

And I was also Told you Teach at 1on1 Animation School.

Where would I find Information on that?

Unknown said...

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Thanks Jim,
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Russ Hayes said...

Hi Jim,

I hope this comment is too out of place.

Back around 1993-ish, I saw a cartoon on Nickelodeon. The cartoon was great in so many ways, but I was especially intrigued by the theme song. I went to the local record stores at the time, and the guys that worked there told me that the theme song was The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, so I picked up their record. It was great stuff, but totally not what I had set out looking for. I went to a different record store and those guys told me Raymond Scott, so, well, same story. I had recorded a crude tape of the theme song and figured out the chords and the nifty little guitar solo.

Years later, I found a completely extended version of the song on CD, but still had no idea who the artist was who played it. The CD had some wackier chords, like E7#9 and D7b9 in place of E9 and D9.

That theme song got me interested in ear training on guitar, since there was no sheet music or tab or whatever at the time. Really tasty playing.

Now, through the wonders of every little piece of information being on the internet, I think I read that you actually played the guitar on the song. Is that correct? Did you also play other extended versions (the one I have has saxophone in it as well), or were those done by someone else?

If so, I'd love to hear more of your music. If not, well, that's too bad, but your visual art is still excellent.