Monday, March 19, 2007

Ren & Stimpy

1988 Fender Strat used on the R&S theme song for sale on e-bay, item # 250096398292. Signed and drawn on by Jim Smith and John K. The pictures on e-bay are much better than this one. I hate to sell it but when it rains ...that which does not make us sick ... somebody please give it a good home, just let me have visitation rights.


Michelle Klein-Hass said...

Jim! Say it ain't so!

There's still time to take this off of eBay. Besides, if the time comes and you have to sell this, you'll probably do better at Comic-Con than on eBay.

Trevour said...

Wow, if I could buy this, I'd just give it right back to ya! Or at least donate it to the Animation Archive. Either way, you'd get your money AND always have it nearby.

If you do sell it, I hope the buyer fully understands the significance of that lil' Squire.

Jim Smith said...

Trevour: You are a gentleman. I still have a few guitars to pick around on. Thanks for kind words.

catpoop said...

Me, You, Sandy and Gaylon are getting the band back together.....We're on a mission from God.
Please contact asap or some other really cool 4 letter urgency synonym.

Anonymous said...

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