Friday, April 27, 2007

Conan Page

1987 page for the portfolio.


Vincent Waller said...

Fing Beeeeeauuutiful!

ryan said...

geez man...

this is insane

i cant even believe how good these are..

outstanding work... damn

Jack Snider said...

Holy crap!
Great stuff Mr. Smith.

ted said...

AWEsome! I would love to see you do the current Conan! How sweet would that be!

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

That is brilliant stuff. Freaking brilliant.

The pencils are where the soul of the drawing is most visible. And yours have lots and lots of soul.

The freaking comic world should be kissing your ass.

Shawn said...

Hoooooly cai-rappp!!!
That is good drawage!

CaveMatt said...

By Crom!

Sorry, that was cheesy even by my standards. I really like this page! Great crowd shot with the cavalry charge and Conan's defiance is in every line of his posing and expression. Makes me look forward to the Chestaclese book even more.

Kali Fontecchio said...

That rules balls.

Hammerson said...

This page looks astonishing! It doesn't need any inking, the pencils are really tight and precise. Truly outstanding work.

katzenjammer studios said...

GHAD DAMN JIM! these are great.

there's a new Conan out by Darkhorse comics with penciler Cary Nord. his stuff is good, but this stuff is amazing.
was this done for a specific issue of an old Conan comic (marvel or something) or was this just your own manly thing just to build your portfolio?
also, could you show my how to put testosterone and shoulder hair into my drawings?

very inspiring stuff.

Jim Smith said...

To mike:The secret to body hair is not too much and try to morph it into the feathering like Jack Kirby. Or you can do the John K. method of designy curly cues that conform to the contours of the skin surface.
To vince: Hey old son how's it hangin?
To all: Thanks for the comments, this was done for my own jollies and for the portfolio. I always dreamed of drawing Conan until Chestaclese/Testaclese was born.

Anonymous said...




Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice stuff!.