Tuesday, August 07, 2007

David P. Smith Corner

My son did these drawings. What can your kid do? Huh? Tough guy?
A poem: "Spring has sprung, Fall has fell. Summer's here and it's hotter than usual.
See ya next time.


Kali Fontecchio said...


Kali Fontecchio said...

It's actually not that hot compared to last summer, pretty mild.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim. This will be going off topic, but I was wondering if you could offer me some advice from an incident that occured to me on July 31st. Here is the link, so you can read my unfortunate incident. Thanks.


eddie dorian said...

hey, more david p smith corner. i wonder: are these direct quotes?

Jim Smith said...

Yeah Eddie, I had to grow up listening to this stuff. Dad was always coining the phrase or passing along what he heard. A real comedian. That's why I had to share it.

chrisallison said...

Haha, your dad sounds like a real ham. There's nothing better than old men telling jokes.

Picked up one of your books from the ASIFA Archive, and Steve told us we just missed you when we showed up. They look real nice and I love the drawings as always. Do you make regular trips to the ASIFA archive? I'd love to meet up with you there sometime.
- Chris from Fullerton

Jim Smith said...

Hey Chris, I go there semi-occasionally but if you want to set a day I'll be glad to meet you there. Thanks for the words.

chrisallison said...

Awesome! Next time I'm headed out that way, I'll try to give you some notice and see if we can't meet up. Thanks Jim!

Veronica said...

Hey Jim,

He still says that a lot! Especially when we go camping!

Your little sister!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim

When is Chestaclese coming out?

Is it going to be an animation?

Hope its going well.

Tasha Timecat said...

Hi Jim
I hope you are doing great! My fiance Jim and I met you at Comic Con. We listened to your music as you performed for us the music from the Ren and Stimpy show on your electric guitar! Great work.
What if a song were written for kids and adults alike that is amusing and entertaining and deserves to be heard? What if you were a child who longed to own a puppy? Would you want something to augment that dream? Would you even understand what it takes to own one? Or would you think that owning a dog was just all fun and games?
These are the questions Jim and I (Molly and Sonny Boy) resolve in our original song, “Momma Can We Keep him?” When Momma says no dogs allowed in town in spite of the begging and pleading of the kids, the kids go to the public library for some help. A referral finds the puppy a home, and gives the kids some satisfaction, relieving the kids and Momma of having to care for the puppy, there is a sense of happiness knowing Marvin has found a home. But the world being what it is, Marvin still has to get neutered.
We would love it if you might listen to the song and consider animating the story for a young adult book, or music video.
We would love to send you an audio video CD but do not know where to mail it.
The completed song is available online for you to hear now.

Thank you for your generous time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Amy Triebenbach and Jim Zents aka "Molly and Sonny Boy"
EMAIL: mollyandsonnyboy@gmail.com

Jim Smith said...

Veronica: It's reassuring to know that the timetested institutions are still in order. Stay tuned for some poetry by the head honcho.

Jim Smith said...

Cartoon lad: Sorry to be late on the blog. My server was rebelling for that last week or so. Chestaclese will be out in comic form some time soon. As for a cartoon I only hope the comic helps sell it.

Jim Smith said...

Timecat: You said a mouthful. Hope you enjoyed the con.

Anonymous said...