Monday, September 24, 2007



Shaun said...

My main achievement in life is to become as good as you. Please do me a favor and check out my blog and tell me why I suck. I'd appreciate it.

Jose said...

Hey Jim:

What size are these drawings?

And are there still any more up for sale?

Mike Nassar said...

these are f-ing great.

Bobo said...

These are seriously world class. They just don't draw em like this anymore.

Jim Smith said...

shaun: I hate to criticize because I might give false or misleading feedback. Have you asked John K.? He knows how to articulate better. I will take a look.
jose: Most of them are 12 field layout size which is about 10.5" by 12". There are plenty more if you have anything specific in mind let me know.
mike: Thanks for the kind words.
bobo: Right back at ya.