Sunday, October 21, 2007



Amir Avni said...

This dump is gold!

jose hosel [old raffin] said...

ha. just went back & realised: is that an anvil on chestacles's chest? haha.

and: is that...stimpy in there??

crsP said...

"is that an anvil on chestacles's chest?"

Yes, he's going through emotional turmoil. Something heavy is weighing on his chest.

Bobo said...

This has the potential to be a very good cartoon.

Tom said...

Re-posting this in case you didn't see it, Jim...

Jim, I saw a few posts back you responded to me saying you do have a few copies of Lonely Are The Naked. I would certainly like one. Can you e-mail me with ordering info? My e-mail, thanks!

CaveMatt said...

Yes guy! Thanks for posting more Chestaclese. Can't wait for the comic. Hey Jim, can you post some of your Samurai Jack stuff? I was watchin' an episode on the weekend, the mondobot one, and I saw that you did some of the boarding on it. The action sequences were pretty epic in that one.

Trevour said...

I love these characters, Jim! They remind me of a mix of Albert Uderzo meets Bakshi. If that makes any sense!

Jimbo said...

Thanks to Frank Forte for posting these. He is selling stuff on e-bay.
The anvil is an example of Chestaclese bragging about things that are absurd much less impossible. It comes from a John Ford cavalry movie from the '40s, Sgt Quincannon claims he swam the English channel with an anvil tied to his chest. This Sgt. character is a major inspiration for Chestaclese. Heroic yet foolish.

Jimbo said...

Cavematt: I am looking for the storyboard copy that's around here somewhere. You can see how much stuff was not used, stuff I thought was pretty good, but that's the director's choice.

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