Monday, February 16, 2009

This step is where I sketch in the expression and certain key features. Keep it light at this stage.


Jim A. said...

Hey, nice tutorial. I like the idea of outlining the overall form before fudging around with construction. Seems that it helps capture the positive and negative space for an overall statement.

It looks like you made a fresh drawing for each of the steps though. I say that because the problem I have when I create a drawing in steps like this (I'm learning) is that although I end up with a pretty solid drawing, the paper gets pretty messy. It's hard to erase all of those construction lines.

Any suggestions? Should I just get better at erasing perhaps ;)

Jimbo said...

Hey Jim, I have the messy problem too. Train yourself to sketch lightly. Once you develop a soft touch it makes life a little easier. The key is to be accurate at the same time. Every line must be definite and designed.

Anonymous said...