Monday, January 04, 2010

Caricature vs Flatterature

Drawing 1 1985, is by Romeo Tanghal former room-mate and long time great inker on Teen Titans comics, definitely a flatterature. Thanks Romeo, damn, I used to be good looking!
2: Go-Go from Kill Bill I, top is more flattering, second is more caricature. The flatterature was done first as a study; also it does not resemble the actor as much as the caricature. You may disagree.
3: Two different artists, Ted Blackman and Tim Gula took a shot at yours truly.
Being the subject, I cannot be as objective though the 1986 sketch looks less flattering.
4: Two Sarah Silverman studies are less flattering, than the final, which also resembles her more.
5: Oscar De la Hoya with photo reference shows a flatterature that is essentially a study in portraiture bearing a strong resemblence but has little caricature to it.
Practice this on your friends and family, but show them the nice ones only.
Remember: "Do a caricature - lose a friend"
Guys: Always flatter a girl unless she just broke up with you.
Girls: Do whatever the hell you want.


Eric Noble said...

I like the bottom drawing the most. That guy looks cool.

Nubian Greene said...

silverman looks spot on in the first one.

love the structure of your stuff,you really don't post enough...hey! stop having a life and post more :P

Jim Smith said...

Thanks Eric, he's almost as talented and good looking as me.
This is a life? Thanks Nubian.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Always flatter a girl unless she just broke up with you."


Anonymous said...

all pieces of work are cool! either way of making it -- the caricature way or the flatterature way still looks good!

I got something to share -->digital caricature