Friday, February 26, 2010

Ren & Stimpy art

Layout study sketch from Big House Blues, Ren & Stimpy in prehistoric mode inspired by Frazetta, color pencil, 1990.


RooniMan said...

Cave-man Stimpy.

Ted said...

Uh, I notice that the web page under your "contact" button, namely
is now a generic page. If that's not just an intermittent error, you might want to alter or delete the contact info section of your Blogger ID.

Jim Smith said...

Ted I don't know to fix that, the web site is no longer in service. The blog was created by a friend to replace the website and I'm not sure what to do about it but thanks for the heads up.

Ted said...

If you can make new posts, you should be able to alter the link.
When you're signed into Blogger's main page (, click "edit profile" next to your picture, then scroll down to "Homepage URL"; that's the thing that appears as "My web page" under contact (that text does not seem to be readily editable, unfortunately). You can then change that to what you want, presumably
although you could link to the archive at*/
if you want to maintain an echo.

You can also do things on this page like create a contact email address and display it on that page if you like, tho that's beyond simply fixing the currently erroneous link. Be sure to "save profile" at the bottom of the page when you're done, and review your profile page to make sure everything is correct.
(This obviously won't revive the old webpage,

Jim Smith said...

Ted thanks, I changed the profile and added some personal info. I never
knew how to do that .

Ted said...

You might want to add something like "REMOVE" or something similar in all caps in the apparent email field. People will have to manually remove the word, but it may help to cut down on website email harvester spam.