Sunday, September 26, 2010

Storyboards from the portfolio

Storyboards from Weekend Pussy Hunt, directed by John K. 1995, one of the first web cartoon series.
George Liquor and Jimmy the Idiot Boy find a stray dog. After they leave, the story takes a strange, wonderful turn. We still hope to finish the cartoon. The final act was boarded but not animated due to the loss of the sponsor.


RooniMan said...

It looks to have been a wonderful episode.

Elana Pritchard said...

Such solid drawings! What computer program did you use in 1995?

I have a new comic too if you wanna see


Jim Smith said...

Elana the cartoon was done in the early Flash animation program.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like how you don't have to use so many lines to suggest such solid forms. I'm guessing that takes a ton of practice to get it right. What pencils, besides the blue Col-erase pencil, did you use for these storyboard drawings?

Anonymous said...

I caught some of the episodes on You Tube. This cartoon was hilarious. Maybe someday you guys can muster up something to finish the cartoon, then put the whole thing on DVD and maybe make a profit on the sales.

ComiCrazys said...

I have all these episodes! Great work. This cartoon still holds up. "I'll FIND YOOOOOOOOOOUUU!!!!"

Why don't you guys finish the last episode on your own. Package it and sell DVDs?! Add lots of nifty extras like this artwork and all sketches, doodles, etc.

It's been yeeaarrrrs already. I don't think any sponsors are knocking at the door. Make the money yourselves. Cut out the middle man.

Just a friendly suggestion because I have been dying to see this finished since the days of icebox.

Ps - Another great line--> "I don't know you, man. I've never seeen you."