Thursday, September 13, 2012

Movie Stars of Yore

Shirley Temple was the biggest movie star to ever hit the screen then growed up to be a major diplomat. Want a caricature of your favorite star? For a reasonable price (whatever you can afford) you can have one on your wall to worship for all time.


Thomas-Bo Huusmann said...

Hi Jim,

Could be very fun. One for Sils wall, she got her own little flat now. And empty walls all around.

And one for me. Single man with empty walls as well

there is only one Star I could Think of, and that is a person who break mountains and has Many names. Now a days, he is known as Chestacles!

In sketch Lines and rough colors. Just go Berserker if you are up for it :)

What dó you Think?

Jon Matt said...

ready to finish the renovation of my air compressor, Craftman. Got a single phase input to 3ph output VFD for 152$... So far Im way under buying just a nice branded electric motor.. A single ph 1.5 from baldors or leesons is approx 400dollars. Have looked at Baldors, and found one that is more or less compatible what do you think of this Baldor brand? or is Leeson better?

amol sanap said...

nice cartoons.....