Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Voyage

Image 1 is unsoftened, image 3 is softened. That is the best I can get from the small size of the magazine thumbnails. They certainly don't do justice to the full size which I would like to see. They are still good examples of a lost art. Image two is the chief with a young crewman who was killed in every episode.


jack raffin said...

damn, there's so much cool action going on in these covers. how could you not buy them if you saw em on a newsstand?

doing an image search for more voyage covers is kinda tough too. though i did see some:



then kinda unrelated stuff pops up, though some still cool:



Jim Smith said...

Yeah Jack, you could pay a pretty penny for these comics if they could be found. I had some as a kid but had no idea things would get so crappy in the late 20th century. Thanks for the sites. cool.