Monday, September 28, 2015

Illustration Process for a Movie Poster

Found some development art for an independent movie poster I worked on a while ago and thought I'd share some of the old process with ya.

No idea if it ever saw the light a day but as I recall it was called It Takes Two to Mangle by Josh Something-er-nother (Sorry for the brain fart iff'n yer out there pal.) If ya know anything about it kindly pass it along to me in the comments.


nodnarB said...

Cool! I especially like the arm on the scary babushka looking lady, and the character looking to the side. It makes me think of a character from one of Wally Wood's comics.

Unknown said...

These are images of a work-in-progress and they convey more mood, personality, and talent than anything I've seen lately on TV. You're my hero, Jim.