Monday, January 29, 2007

Jeff Jones

This guy... now he could hold his own with Frazetta. Quieter, more ethereal yet skillfully rendered. Come to think of it we all prefer to hold our own.


Kali Fontecchio said...

And pound one out from what I've read.

rich dannys said...

I always found Jeff Jones'artwork a bit too namby-pamby.. Ethereal, yes. But wimpy, in a way?
Jeff can no longer hold HIS own.. Because he, is now a "she". I dunno if he's had the full sex re-assignment surgery.. But he now goes by the name "Catherine". And I wish I could say that he makes an attractive woman. But I'm afraid he doesn't!
You're probably thinkin' I'm joking. But I ain't. You could probably "Google" the facts..

Jim Smith said...

to rich: Wow! I had not heard about that. And what about that Vaughn Bode fella? Being an artist means never having to say you're normal.