Saturday, March 01, 2008


Cover image for the new and farewell cd which will be finished in May. The title has been changed to Head First, get it? We will be playing Friday April 25 in Duarte at the City of Hope, time still not set. and we will be at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park Saturday the 26th. Saturday May 3 we are at Taix on Sunset in Echo Park, starting at approx. 10pm. Also I will be at Wizard Con March 14 and 15 at the downtown convention center to promote the Chestaclese comic book. Stay tuned for more updates.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Is there anywhere we can hear some samplings of your band?

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

We really should set up a FreeHead MySpace, shouldn't we?

Oh yeah: Cafe 322 in Sierra Madre is a likely gig too. Nothing firm yet but Richie and I went by there on Thursday.

Forgot about Wizard World...oooh! Fun!

Richie's still fighting the Flu That Would Not Die. I'm OK now. And the MacBook is up and running with the new drive.

Jenny said...

That's great news about your dates, Jim. How'd you decide to do a gig at the City of Hope? Just curious...that's an extremely worthy venue(to say the least).
Mr. T's and Taix are both must-visits, being so venerable and fun.
I'd love to see you guys play. Folks, Jim sets the instruments on fire! Plus he's just plain good.

Jenny said...

Okay, I think I understand the date at City of Hope now, having made a quick detour to Michelle's blog.
I'll be sure and buy the album.
Keep fighting, Richie! Any pal of Jim's is a peach, no question. I want as many people as I hear of to beat, stomp and otherwise grind %#$!@-ing cancer into the ground-dancing(or playing) all the while. Cheers!

Kali Fontecchio said...

I'll be at the Wizard con thing too- because of school! Yaaay!

Jose said...


again missing out on a freehead gig.

too busy doing south america, man.


Jim Smith said...

Jose there is another cd to be released this summer on the youtube nearest you. Or is it mytube - your space? We will have no actual cds due to finances but somewhere in cyberspace you should be able to hear it.

Anonymous said...