Thursday, December 10, 2009

Animation Art

3 layouts and 1 animation drawing from Big House Blues, for sale cheap.


ThomasHjorthaab said...

wow dude! The last one is WONDERFUL!

Eric Noble said...

Love the dogs. One of the them in the back looks like Astro.

RooniMan said...

I'm lovin' those dogs there, Jim.

Jim Smith said...

Eric, thanks for noticing. Yes that is a swipe of Astro, when I was trying to draw like John K, Lynne Naylor who were studying Ed Benedict, Mel Crawford and them.
I always was fascinated with stylization but could never quite get it.
Anyway ,as you already know, Astro was the direct father of Scooby-Doo. There is also some Kitty Cornered in that scene where Sylvester and the cats are having a party at Porky's house.

Eric Noble said...

I think the dog-catcher should have been in more cartoons. He's a funny character.

"Go ahead and have fun; see if I care". That was a great bit.

What was it like working on "Big House Blues"?

Jim Smith said...

Sometimes it works to bring a character back - you never know. I feel lucky to be in on that one.