Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kurtzman War

Can't say enough about Harvey and his unique approach to all kinds of comics, magazines, art; the man is a true master, particularly the war comics in EC. Just stunning, startling, sensational and add your own adjectives.


Anonymous said...

I'm still going to cherish my copies of The Art of Harvey Kurtzman & the "Hey, Look! & Pot-Shot Pete."

In my opinion, the two books above are essential to any cartoonists library.

By the way, Mr. Smith. Did you recieve my e-mail? I hope it wasn't lost or it failed to be sent to your inbox.

I hope you had a splended Christmas, and I wish you and your cohorts a very happy New Year.

From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist

Jimbo said...

I got it Bruce thanks we can go have a beer and talk about stuff.

Eric Noble said...

Awesome post. I love Harvey Kurtzman's artwork. I want to get the EC Archives of the war books.

Steven M. said...

Your absolutly right Jim. Kurtzman was indeed, a true master.