Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chestaclese promotional art

Image to be printed on trading cards for promoting the upcoming comic.


Anonymous said...


It's weird seeing this careful of a balance between serious epic fantasy art and cartoon mayhem.

Are you doing all the art for both comics?

Trevour said...

Wow, where will we find these cards?!? I want a stack of them.

Jim Smith said...

Josh: I've never done anything serious in my life, yet it is good to hear that. If you mean the Chestaclese and the Ripping Friend, yes, all art is done here at Old Man Electric Ladyluck Studios, including color. Tomorrow I will be at the ASIFA to get some art from Steve if he is there. I'll bring some sketchbooks.
Hey Trevour, the cards will be out in Feb. and if I get some in advance you will get a stack.

Jose said...

holy cow!!

i'm gonna need enough of those cards to cover my entire house. i have money and everything!

boy, can't wait.

Jason Chalker said...

That's awesome! Sign me up for the cards also. That image was a nice way to start my day.


Vincent Waller said...

Wow another stunner!
You should be in a penthouse surrounded by inspiration. Meaning naked beauties.

Kali Fontecchio said...


chrisallison said...

WHOA! Looks AWESOME Jim! Keep the marker sketches pouring in. Hope everything is good on your end!