Monday, January 21, 2008

E-bay Art

Original layout drawings "Stimpy's Inventions" are now on sale at e-bay. Go to Jim Smith Ren & Stimpy art and throw your money away! The above piece is a display item only.


Trevour said...

Cool - is this a cut scene from the Bambi storybook that I'm unaware of?

Jim Smith said...

This is a wall decoration in my apartment. Seems to fit - a skunk, a sniffing rabbit and a flatulent cat. You remember those wall hangings made for kid's bedrooms? They mount an illustration on 1/4" cardboard with holes in the back. They make great scenery especially the well drawn ones by 40s and 50s Disney artists.

Trevour said...

I think these decorations were a little before my day, but man wouldn't it have been great to have them! My childhood room was decorated with geometric designs of various vehicles.

I think my dad still has his baby crib in the attic - it has the most unbelievable "cutesy" sheep illustration ever. I should take a photo of it!