Friday, January 18, 2008

Famous Bigshots

Hey kids and Dads! Match the name with the picture 1. John Wayne 2. Edward the III
3. Queen Latifa
The first person to match the names wins this picture.
If you would like to own a drawing of your favorite celebrity send e-mail to:


Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

the first one is John Wayne, the second one is Queen Latifa, and the third one is Edward the III

Jim Smith said...

Oh, I'm sorry! You were so close. As a consolation take another shot. A hint - the initials are:

1. SS
2. JK
3. OD

Jose said...

hahaha. edward the III. He woulda had to shave for this picture, right?

Is JK as in John K? Either way, that 3rd one also gives me some kinda Brian Wilson quality. No, not Brian, but maybe someone Beach Boys guy. Thought initialis don't match anyway.

Also that chick in the middle is real funny looking. haha

I know there are no prizes for just talking about the pictures, but still. Anyway, i'm stumped.

Trevour said...

I'll try:

Oscar De La Hoya, Sarah Silverman, John Edwards?

Trevour said...

I meant John KERRY - sorry too much Presidential mayhem on the boob tube lately.

Jim Smith said...

I think Trevour wins the prize. Thanks to all for playing the home version of name that bigshot!

Anonymous said...

How much do you sell this stuff for? I've got dough, and I'll buy a picture if I don't have to harvest my organs for the money! Does it have to be of a celebrity, or will you do whatever?

Jim Smith said...

Josh, just e-mail me at the address shown under the post and I'll give you the info. Thanks man.