Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fine Animation Art

Ahoy, collectors and coniseurs? sp These are for sale and I will name some prices if you see one you like.
Image one is an animation drawing from the opening titles of "Troop Beverly Hills".
Image two is from Stimpy's Inventions". I may have the cel that goes with it but the bg is priced at whatever Steve Worth says, kinda like market value.
Image 3 is a bg from "Night of the Bat-Bat" !987 Mighty Mouse. Sorry no cel- it was a long shot of the Cow's lair. Fair price only. We're crazy with the heat!


ted said...

Mr Smith,

I am interested in the BG for Stimpy's invention as well as the cel setup...What kind of price would I be looking at?

Jimbo said...

I will consult my price guy. The cel setup for Big house Blues is way expensive and I hope to keep it but if the right offer was made. I don't know what to ask for until I ask the big guy. Thanks and I will get back to you, Ted.

Jimbo said...

Ted my e-mail is jimsmithcartoons@yahoo.com

assbackward said...

Oooo I do like!

Eric Noble said...

That bear is so cool. He should get his own show. I don't know why I say that, but it looks like he would be a great character. He also looks very marketable. Try and pitch something with him. Try to appeal to the corporations wallets.