Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie praising

The job of a critic is to criticize. I am more of a movie compliment-er. My column finds good things to say about all your favorite and non-favorite movies.
"Inglorious Basterds" - except for the obvious typo in the title, is my favorite movie of the year, maybe for the last 10 years. Chock full of Tarantino goodies, this movie will be analyzed forever.
"Public Enemy" maybe my second favorite of the year. Johnny Depp rules as Dillinger to my surprise. He's done some cool shit but this is the best Depp. Great use of sound in the gunfights - very convincing.
"Extract" another gem from Mike Judge, maybe the best comedy director working.
That's all from the movie compliment-er, join me the next time I can afford to go to the movies.


Weirdo said...

I don't go to the movies anymore. The last movie I saw at the theater was this year's "Star Trek". Before that, it was "Ratatouille". I wanted to see "Public Enemy", though.

Jim Smith said...

Oh thanks for reminding me Star Trek was way cool.

John Calmette said...

Jim, Inglowerous Bustards was my favorite of the year
I'm a big Tarantino fan anyways, but this movie was a blast. I want to see it again. SPOILER:
the scene where the bastard shot Hitler's head to a pulp was orgasmic- no other way to say it

Rick Roberts said...

I rarely go to movies either. I am pratically glued to TCM, the only channel that really doesn't suck. However, Public Enemies was fun and at the very least a compliment to gangster films from the 1930's.