Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Only the Finest

See previous post. Here is some more. Bg drawing of the Dog Pound, (Big House Blues).
Cigarettes the Cat, layout drawing from Weekend Pussy Hunt. 1994-5?
Ren Hoek from Big House Blues 1990.
The Fire Chief from Fire Dogs 1991.


Tony DiStefano said...

Great drawings!

LimbClock said...

Say Jim, would you mind if i tried inking those and posted the results in my blog (whilst acknowloging that you did the originals?)

Jim Smith said...

Go ahead and ink away Limb, (may I call you Limb?)

LimbClock said...

Sure. I don't like use my real name on blogger (trying to keep my ol' identity secret ;) I'll post the link to you when i've done it.

Oh also, some feedback from the inking would be appericated :)

LimbClock said... there you go Him. That's my inked version of your images.