Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jack Cole

Some early Jack Cole and a great color image by Spiegelman.


Trevour said...

Oh yeah, one of my all-time favorites!

Jim! After some nice Plas you should post some sexy Jack Cole female figures!

Jim Smith said...

To trevour: I don't have any Cole besides the Plastic Man books. But if I get some you"ll get some.

Trevour said...

I've got this book but I don't think I should scan it, as it's a fairly new book published by Fantagraphics. I'd be all for posting LOTS if I had some older books!

This might seem like a hackneyed question, but what do you think of Kyle Baker's version of Plastic Man?

Jim Smith said...

To trevour: Thanks for the Cole find. My Cole books are fairly worn and I am getting in the mode of scanning all my old comic books especially the ones that are disintegrating just to have them on disc. I haven't seen Baker's version yet but hope to.

rich dannys said...
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rich dannys said...

Jack Cole is a definite favorite of mine, too! My mind boggles when artists moon over Milt Gross.. Yet Jack Cole gets nary a mention?!

One of the best purchases I made this year.. Was Greg Theakston's THE JACK COLE READER!
It's got tons of Cole's comic-book stories.. from every period of his career.. 160 pages for just over $25?! You can't beat it!

I love Kyle Baker's work, too.. But his 'Plastic Man' didn't really float my boat.