Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Caricatamanucures

Some more scary heads to ogle. Goering is almost as scary as Arnold.


Arschblog said...

I like it how you draw these guys! They looks so real!
Yes, Arnold S. is a scary guy!^-^

Jim Smith said...

To Arsch: Thanks, man. If anyone can guess the names of the heads they win a free trip to beautiful Glendale, California - the city that always sleeps.

Hammerson said...

Excellent caricatures. Well, let's see... Arnold the Governator, Hermann Goering, Lee Marvin, Little Richard (I think). The other two I missed look very familiar.

Kent B said...

I thought that was Edward Arnold - he DOES look like Goering!

The Lee Marvin is great.

Your style seems to be evolving into something even more amazing, Jim

Jim Smith said...

To Kent: Yeah your right. He does look like Edward Arnold. They could have done the ultimate Nazi movie with Donald Pleasance as Himmler ( He did play him in "The Eagle has landed" with Robert
Duvall in an eyepatch. How's this for casting: Harvey Kietel as Moe, Jon Lovitz as Larry, Tommy Lee Jones as Shemp and .. umm ... Oh, Will Sasso as Curly. Huh, huh,? Thanks for the post Kent. Do you have one of these here blogs?

rich dannys said...

I think I see comedian Bill Maher in there.. And that's not Little Richard. Looks more like ole Nat King Cole to me!
Nice stuff as usual, Jim..

Hey, if'n you want to find Kent B's blog or anyone else.. All ya gotta do is 'click' on their (blue highlighted) name..
It'll take you to their Profile page. And then you can check on the bottom of that page, to see if they have a Blog or not..
'Click' on the Blog name, and *huzzah* you're instantly transported over there!

Ain't this Internuts amazin'?!!
Hey, I posted the 'CHESTACLESE' pic on my Blog.. Give it a look, when you get a chance!
See ya..

Kali Fontecchio said...

That pouting soldier...oh my!

Michelle Klein-Hass said...
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Michelle Klein-Hass said...

Caricature request: the late great Molly Ivins, who was memorialized yesterday in her native Texas. If anyone could capture her essence, it would be you. She's the one who dubbed Dubya "Shrub."

(This links to a Google Image search for pictures of Molly Ivins for source material)

Hammerson said...

>> And that's not Little Richard. Looks more like ole Nat King Cole to me! <<

My mistake... I think you're right, this must be Nat King Cole. The whole expression, and eyes especially remind me of him.

Jim Smith said...

To Rich: Our lucky winner with winning answer. All we need is Sean Connery to say " That's what your mother said last night Trebek!" Your ticket to Glendale is on the way. C.O.D. of course.

Jim Smith said...

To Moichelle: (that's no typo): One Molly coming right up. She was one in a quadrillion. No I didn't know her but read her column every month. I drew this while waiting for Richie.