Friday, February 23, 2007

Western crap

2003-03, More video game designs for Japanese consumers. I wonder what the final game looks like.


katzenjammer studios said...

this crap is dee-lish. how much video game work did you guys do for the Japanese market?
the drawing looks really nice chief.
hope everythings is alright in all your gutty bits. best of luck with all that.

Rogelio T. said...

Is this the game

Yoake No Mariko Video

Youtube has some issues right now so I can't see past the first 15 seconds. I'm sure they'll fix it soon.

Charlie J. said...

More great layout!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Whoa...that game looks really weird in its' final state.

Jim Smith said...

To rogelio t.: Thanks. That is the one. To katzenjammer: We did one years ago for American market with Jimmy the Idiot but it never came out as far as I know. we did one for Japan and pitched a few more featuring Eddie Fitzgerald's version of Ghengis Khan. I have some drawings from those here somewhere. Thanks Mike.

Arschblog said...

Looks beautiful! I like the idea with the giant Sheriff star on the roof!
I want to know how many time do you need to draw a Background like that?

I also like the "Dorman" drawing and the girls what John K. drew!

You said:
"Study every cartoon you like and try to copy them exactly as an exercise"

Thanks for the advise!:)
I always watch different kind of cartoons (especially the old ones) and read Comics. I'll learn from them and I get my inspirations from them, but I don't like to copy. I made this and I only copy the mistakes, today I learn the really important things like: Construction, Perspective, Line of action, negative space etc.
I would be happy when you take a look at my drawings and say what looks good and what not, I want to be a good artist.

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

Wow...interesting seeing what they did with Spumco's drawings. Also interesting hearing what they think a cowgirl would sound like in Japanese.

Did Spumco deliver maquettes (sp?) along with drawings? I ask this because it looks like they used a 3D digitizer to render sculpted models into bits.

It's also quite interesting seeing a Japanese game with such North American-looking characters. I suppose they really wanted to get away from the standard anime look.

Jim Smith said...

To michelle: no maquettes were made. Just computer models as far as I know. Check with Steve Chestaclese Worth. I was watching Empire strikes back and got wise to the whole blaster vs light saber dynamic going on. Unless I missed it, Luke pulled a blaster first until Return of the Jedi, then to the saber first. Blasters were clumsy where Jedi were concerned. Discuss.

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

Actually it was Obi-Wan who was the blaster snob. "Barbaric weapon..." However, it was what it took to finally take General Grievous out. So he used it.

I think as far as Luke was concerned, he used whatever tool was available at the time. I've got to rewatch the Original Trilogy sometime. Hmmm...TV Party? At my place? I do have the Ghetto Home Theatre setup, complete with leet sound system. It's not THX certified but it can literally rock the house.