Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ali Fairy Conan

The fairy image is from a storyboard done in 1977 or 78, for a local TV ad for a dry cleaning co. I basically borrowed a Disney character but I uglied it up a little. The good thing about it was learning to do animation at all levels, including cel painting, camera, animation, storyboard, and such. Being a 4 or 5 man operation everyone did a little of everything just well enough to survive. We also did a lot of technical films for industry. The bottom sketch is a young Ali.


jack raffin said...

(hey i don't mean to invade every comments page but)

thanks for posting some of 'jim: early years'. real interesting to look at. now if only that tv ad animation lurked around the you-my-tube-space...

& those technical illustrations are awesome. i think i've seen some posted here way back. they're great. real nice.

Jim Smith said...

Thanks Jack. You are my main man and #1 commentator. That TV ad is long gone. It was made with real 16mm film and there were no archives on computers. I do remember being disappointed in the final animation but it was my first attempt at character animation. The action was brief - a waving of the wand and some Disney inspired fairy dust, but to me it seemed like a full-length feature. It took a long time. I feel nostalgic for those days.