Friday, October 17, 2008


After watching all the DVDs in the Popeye set, this reporter can say that the best Bluto animation is in the cartoon "Pleased to Meet Ya" Superb Bowsky maybe his best stuff. He comes to life for this one cartoon and then goes back to merely great in the following cartoons. My favorite cartoon is still Ali Baba.


jack raffin said...

oh, MAN. don't remind me. i still haven't gotten round to getting that popeye set. buying stuff like the entire twilight zone collection really takes it out of ya/bank account.

Jim Smith said...

It was a Christmas present but the second one cost some money. Great features like the storyboard panels with the finished cartoon underneath.

kris.w said...

i hear ya on that Ali Baba episode!
"Salami, salami, bologna.."

lol.. funny stuff man!