Monday, October 13, 2008


Freehead joins forces with blues legends Carter Brothers for a show in the Netherlands, 1997.


Trevour said...

Wow, you guys sure got around! Did you play a couple places over there during the trip?

Jim Smith said...

Trev dude, we played one set but it was worth the long trip. It was a blues festival with mostly American acts. Went to the local bistro and stuff. There is a video of the trip and I will try to post it on my tube or you space.

chrisallison said...

If you post it, could you link it on this blog? I'd be way interested to see video of you playing a blues festival.

Did the Carter Bros ever release an album? I just have a couple of their singles (I think they're the same label as Frank Frost).

Cheers, Jim!

Jim Smith said...

Hey Chris, yes they did many albums over the years starting in the early 60s but I don't have them, except for the one we did together. I will try posting it on one of the sites.