Tuesday, October 14, 2008

House of Secrets

Mark Segal, Richie Hass, and me at the final show for House of Secrets, 2006. The hand on photo 3 is Mark Mylar's.


jack raffin said...

hey jim:

wow, cool. thanks for posting all this freehead stuff. very cool. and interesting, i mean, damn, freehead + netherlands + carter bros.? cool.

oh yeah, and if there was some freehead clip up on the you-my-spacetube, that'd be cool. i never got around to checking out the band, since i'm nowhere near LA.

i think someone put up a small fragment of a clip of you guys @ safari sam's, though on youtube.

jack raffin said...

oh, also, was the follow up album finished/released? 'first head' kicked my ass it was that cool.

Jim Smith said...

Oh Jack, that Safari Sam gig turned weird. Creepy Hollywood type stuff. But Amsterdam cool! The follow up is in the can but unmixed. We shall return to it as the fund-raising accelerates. Glad you liked your First Head.

Caleb said...

nice Telecaster

jack raffin said...

haha, that pun title always satisfies. yeah it, great head.