Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don Martin

Prime Martin from the 60's; this is a good example of graphic power, solid construction, and funny characters, yet the composition and layout are the prominent features. There is also a rare sample of Don Martin background design as seen in the skyline behind the main action. This is a reprint from Mad Special #4, 1971 or 72. It was in the bargain bin at HideHo comics just laying there on top of other rare issues of Mad. Visit HideHo comics in Santa Monica and tell them Jim sent ya.


Weirdo said...

You have to love Don Martin. He has a dark, but delightfully infectious sense of humor. He too, along with Jack Davis, is one of the greatest cartoonists on the face of Zeus's green earth. Wonderful post.

Jim Smith said...

I never got Jack Davis but I always respected his huge body of work. He may have done more drawings than any human except maybe Jack Kirby.