Thursday, October 16, 2008

More new old purty crap

The Spooky is from 1969. Nice color on the washing machine. The George Liquors are from model sheets made with comic book images.


ArtF said...

those Georges are damn sweet!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Mistuh S.

You make the best George Liquor drawings yet (don't tell John or he might find out where I live...). John's are good, but I really like the line in yours, especially in "Comic Book." Big-eyed George is hilarious.

On another note...whatever happened to "He-Hog, the Atomic Swine"? Will he be appearing in John's new Pontiac webtoon? I really want to hear "I HAVE THE UNMEDIGATED GAUL!" again.

Jim Smith said...

The unmedicated Gaul, or the sober Frenchman, good one John r. He-Hog would be a good guy to add to the festivities. He also says: " I have the Audacity!" Little jab at the He-Man "I have the Power!" Funny how Superheroes just take it upon themselves to save us whether we want them to or not.

jack raffin said...

and also: "biiiiirdmaan!"

wow, dig those george liquors, man

Jim Smith said...

My favorite is when the Filmation Superman changes into his super-suit:
In a semi-wimpy (gay) voice "This looks like a job for... (then manly voice) "Superman!"

Weirdo said...

You know, spooky looks like Richie Rich's little bastard of a cousin, Reggie van Something. That kind of kid that you just want to punch right in the kisser. Anywho, awesome George Liquors. Your drawings always look so three-dimensional. Keep up the great work.